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This school management software is highly customized, scalable, and user friendly to meet the generic requirements of schools and collages. It aims at providing access by login to students for an instant visibility to reports, fee payments, attendance, and grades. With its unique functionality, the software helps management, parents, teachers, and students interact better with each other. It is web based and easily accessible from anywhere by management, parent, teachers, and students to come in touch quickly any time. This school management tool comes handy in sorting out the different issues related to the operations in schools and collages.

Problem Solving

  • Management
  • Time Wastage
  • Manual Work
  • Stationary Cost
  • Student Attendance
  • Reputation Problem
  • Maintenance Problem
  • Lack of Communication


  • Store
  • Payroll
  • Library
  • Inventory
  • Holidays
  • Transport
  • Time Table
  • Examination
  • Accounts System
  • Fee Management
  • Admission Management
  • Enrollment and Administration


Student Information
This module tracks 3600 profile of students to present you an overall view of student records, comprising their different school related activities. This helps you get a comprehensive student information by utilizing this single software.

The module manages staff record and secures it from varied safety threats to give the staff a sense of seamless experience while operating with this software. By its optimized run, the school staff gets a proper way to organize all things staff.

It allows parents to get informed as well as ensure their involvement on their children' progress as students. This offers an enhanced way of monitoring student's progression by timely encouragement on their parent's behalf.

This module helps in tracking student's admission process and keeps a record of their submitted relevant documents, required to fulfill the admission criteria as per regulations. The way this module functions, it gives an organized way of conducting the admission process.

The module allows taking attendance in many ways, thus offering varied attendance marking modes as per the suitability and flexibility of the teachers. This eases out the attendance process for teachers to mark out, or sort out student presence any particular school days.

It manages, as well as tracks student's discipline incidents to give you an overall account of their behavior with their colleagues inside the school premise. It ultimately helps the teachers to take the corrective steps for behavioral improvement of the students.

The module analyzes student performance and helps teachers in tracking down their study progression at different point of times. This also helps teachers in taking informed decisions for the good of students.

It centralizes school library automation system for its up-gradation and provides further improved library services / operations, with proper library management. This offers an enhanced way of conducting library operations / activities.

Content Management
The module provides a responsive CMS for managing school website, as well as promotes it over different online / offline platforms with the help of user specific content about the school and its student beneficial programs.


The software helps teachers manage efficiently the classroom information, and interact effectively with the parents to conduct a right coordination between them for a proper flow of communication to and from these two ends of teacher and parent.

The school management tool comes to a great assistance for students in accessing their attendance, grades, exam time table, or browse library books, thus making it easier for them to avail their required information using this single module.

It facilitates parents in monitoring their children' progress by being anywhere and at anytime. This helps them remain informed about their children' school activities without spending any extra time out of their preset schedule.

The tool provides role based security for a trouble free data access and generates automated reports to save manual as well as paper oriented works. This simplifies the staff management complexities and eases out a proper organization of staff related varied activities.


  • Zero redundancy
  • Student assessment
  • Proper communication flow
  • Centrally stored information
  • Automated school attendance
  • Tracking of assigned homework
  • Full automation for all operations
  • Frequent interaction with teachers
  • Assignment of homework to students
  • Prior information of student holidays / events
  • Computerized management of grades / marks
  • Coordination b/w students / teachers / parents
  • Improved interactions b/w teachers & students
  • Reliable record of child's fee payment, progress report, & attendance
  • Access to examination schedule, time table, marks, grades, & attendance

With its unique features like high customization, scalability, and user friendliness, the school management tool matches perfectly to the generic and diverse requirements of schools and collages, as well as aims at offering an instant visibility to overall school operations using its simple to access web presence. You can contact us for further details or inquiry regarding this product.

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