We better understand your business and offer a scalable solution to run your back end operations as well as financial processes through our developed ERP software. Its unique functionality facilitates in inventory / supply chain / financial / revenue and warehouse management. The software is a perfect fit for all the business sizes, across all the industries. Benefiting with its real time reporting and built in business intelligence, the ERP tool helps you in better and quick decision making. Means, a comprehensive ERP solution for your business to manage its downstream supply chain.


The software is a single tool to handle multiple business requirements for multiple location sales, distribution and manufacturing, with others as well. Its offered solutions ease in chain network management and taking informed decisions with full control on your business. With its salient features, this ERP tool helps in the following:

Order Management

The software comes added with useful components for pricing, sales order and return management. Its robust functionality helps in accelerating processes for order to cash, as well as integrating sales to eliminate manual bottlenecks.

Product Management

The software is well equipped with product data / work order management, as well as in providing solution for quality assurance, so you can get a real time visibility in your production process, make your products cost effective, and launch them possibly quick in market.


The software helps in lowering your ownership cost so you can manage your inbound / outbound logistics, as well as end to end inventory. It also combines practices to manage distribution operations and controls the operation cost for a sophisticated warehouse management system.


In order to optimize your process for procurement and cost certainty, the software automates, as well as links key procurements transactions to improve the accuracy of procure to pay processes. It also provides procurement solutions for buying goods and services at the most appropriate cost and in a time bound manner.


The software redefines digital backbone of organizations and enables them to succeed in highly competitive marketplace. Today's organizations are tied to traditional applications that make them struggle to cope up with real market needs. Our ERP tool has been designed based on current market requirements to deliver the following:

Streamlined Procure
It reduces the time line for procure to pay, as well as increases the cash flow by automating the business processes.

Cost Certainty
Using its highly effective and optimized costing methods, the software improves costing accuracy and stabilizes gross profit.

Improved Quality
The ERP tool uses native requisition to help you in right vendor selection that, in turn, helps you offer improved quality products to your clients.

The software offers scalable solutions to help you run your back end operations and financial processes efficiently using its uniquely designed features. Its customised functionality in inventory / supply chain / financial / revenue and warehouse management, makes the software fits perfectly in small to large business sizes. You can contact us for further details or inquiry regarding this product.

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