Hospital Management System

The software offers an easy to use, powerful and flexible hospital management system. Specially designed for the benefit of hospitals and clinics, it provides a very dependable and reliable support, as well as makes hospital management paperless. Its core functions include generic, clinical and back office management. The software combines entire hospital resources into one integrated application. Based on a patient centric mechanism, it has a full capability for handling in / out patient day care, referred patient cases and other emergencies. With its assistance for healthcare intelligence system, this medical tool makes it easy for medical institutes to take quick decisions.


  • It helps in providing easy access to doctor's data and generate different records, like age, gender, demographic based classification, and more. Beneficial specially at out patient point to enhance the continuity of care. Its online presence improves its accessibility of data remotely.
  • It works as a decision support system that hospital authorities can utilize for developing detailed health care policies.
  • The software comes handy for efficient and accurate administration of finance, as well as for distribution of medical aid and diet of patience. With its efficient functioning, it produces an overall picture of hospital growth.
  • The tool offers an improved system for monitoring the drug usage and its effectiveness, that reduces adverse drug interactions and promotes appropriate utilization of pharmaceuticals.
  • Its accurate functionality enhances information integrity, minimizes duplication of information entries and transcription errors.
  • The software eliminates the handwriting errors as well. Its installation in modern technology computer system helps the operator fetch needed information from server / cloud server, and provides an overall excellent performance.


Patient Management

The module is helpful in tracking patient IDs provided to each patient visits, admitted, or under treatment in hospital. This collective patient data is further processed and taken in use for MRD requirements. The module is purely dedicated to an efficient and highly effective patient management that exactly meets its expected true purpose.

OPD Management

The OPD management module is for OPD registration purpose when any new patient arrives and is given the admission. The process of OPD registration is mainly done at reception desk where the computer system is installed with the Hospital Management software and its OPD module eases the task of OPD registration for the attending representative at the reception desk.

Service Management

This module manages number of services offered in a hospital and service rates charged by it. The module takes care of the factors like panel, night charges, emergency charges, patient's age and other required parameters to finalize the net payment for the provided service by a hospital to its particular patient. This module simplifies the management complexities and eases out the whole process.

IPD Management

This module is required to be filled with the new patent details when he / she comes to the reception desk and asks for his / her admission in the hospital. The details include the information regarding admission, room, surgeon, consultant, diet and more, with advanced payment made. When done, the module records all the provided information and prints the related documents. This collected information presents the required data for the purpose of generating MIS reports.

This tool for hospital management is easy to use, and offers a powerful yet flexible system to organize overall hospital operations. Its special design for the most advantage of clinics and hospitals provides a highly dependable and paperless hospital management. You can contact us for further details or inquiry regarding this product.

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