Hybrid / Cross Platform Frameworks

The framework combines elements from both the native and web applications, thus is called so. Here the role of native applications is to create user specific mobile applications to run over a particular platform installed on a computing device. In this, HTML 5 framework too adds several dynamic alternatives with their own functionalities. Thus created the overall structure provides a domestic look and sense with use of the technology loaded with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. So, the prominent of these hybrid apps is that they ease the developers to write the code one time and achieve the functionality to run them on multiple platforms. Our effort in this is providing the cluster of HTML 5 frameworks for a simplified programing and designing, as per our client's requirements.


This, the most enhanced version of the HTML, is a markup language to be used for designing the structure and presenting the content for the triple W, means World wide web. Our intense knowledge of HTML 5 enables us in providing our clients their requested services for multimedia files, drawing canvas, facilitating in better forms and building web applications that run offline as well.


This enterprise grade object comes to the most help in creating cross platform web applications using JavaScript and HTML 5. Also, the framework includes a broader product range that functions right off. We, with our expertize in Sencha, create our clients the MVC system, components and built in MVC system to develop effective applications as per their requests.

PhoneGap / Cordova

This, a featured packed tool, helps building native apps to run on cross platforms. The framework when use with other frameworks, say Ionic, JQuery and others, helps developers to deploy quickly the high performing applications. Our specialization in the technology of PhoneGap/Cordova gives us the skill required to fulfill the requirements by our clients in creating, compiling and deploying mobile applications.


This, a JavaScript, is an integrated development environment and known for its unique features in building cross platform supported mobile applications. Also, the IDE comes packed with the useful components like high powered user interface, cloud services, and MVC framework. Our expertise in Titanium is to create our clients back end cloud services that helps connecting their applications to their database without writing any server side code.


This open source framework comes incorporated with a library including JS, HTML, and mobile optimized CSS. The above tools enable the framework develop highly interactive applications. We own very refined skills in Ionic that empowers us to create our clients extremely interactive hybrid mobile applications.

Unity 3D

This multi-plateform game engine helps developers create 2 and 3-dimension games. The engine also enables the developers in getting one click deployment to a full range of web, console, desktop, VR, TV, and mobile platforms. Here, Our expertise in Unity 3D empowers us to serve our clients in speeding up their required development process, deploying the integrated services, optimizing their games, and connecting with their audience.

Adobe Air

This, a cross operating system runtime, empowers both the developers and everyday computer users with the ability to open up a many possibilities. Like for developers, the system helps them create web applications based on HTML, XML, Flex and JavaScript. And, for users, the system gives them access to rich internet applications that run straight from their desktop. Our specialization in Adobe Air enables us package the same code in native apps like, Windows, Mac-iOS, and the Android devices for our clients.

Angular JS

Basically a library, this framework is written in JavaScript and comes to use in projects based single page applications. Its extension includes HTML DOM with other additional attributes, thus making it highly responsive for user actions. Being open source, it is free. Our intense knowledge in Angular JS enables us fulfill the requirements of our clients related to the development work-flow and feature needs.

Win JS

The library is written in JavaScript and helps developers in creating CSS, JavaScript, HTML apps for Windows store. This, a framework, is deployed for a consistent performance and rich look across the Windows devices. It comes free being open source. We, having good experience in Win JS, serve our clients with their requirements in universal Windows applications implementing HTML oriented app technologies, say Apache Cordova.

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