J2EE (java 2 enterprise edition)

The technology is basically a Java platform that provides mainframe scale computing for large enterprises. It was invented out of the joint efforts by Sun Microsystems and IBM to ease the application development in a client tiered environment. Our expertize in J2EE helps us use its standardized and reusable following modular components that in turn enable us handle many of the aspects of programming as per our clients requirements.

JSP (java server pages)

The technology empowers web developers and designers to first create then easily maintain dynamic and information rich web pages to take maximum advantages from the existing business systems. Benefiting from its unique features like developing quickly platform independent web based applications and others, we being experienced JSP developers help users separate the user interface from content generation, also enable designers to change page layout without altering the dynamic content.


The program runs inside a web server, so is called server side program. Its basic function is to handle client requests and return a customized response, based on user history for search, online shopping/transaction and others. In this our expertize helps clients retrieve data from database and other applications, as well as time sensitive data including news and stock prices with others from the same resources.


The framework is based on MVC model and works as a standard for creating well architect web based applications. It also separates Model, View and Controller from MVC design paradigm. Our experience in struts enables us reducing the development time and increasing the productivity of the build applications, as per our client requirements.


This open source java platform offers a comprehensive infrastructure that comes in best support for creating robust java applications, quick and easy. Among many benefits of the platform, it provides the plumbing of enterprise applications that our experience in the technology has enabled us to help our clients design an application level business logic irrespective of any deployment environments.


The ORM framework, called Hibernate in short, is basically an object relational query service and licensed under open source, means free to download. With our expertize in the technology, we are fully capable in serving our clients with their requirements in mapping Java classes to database tables, as well as Java data types to the SQL one. There are additional offerings from us regarding data query to retrieval facilities on our client's requests.


The framework is a data mapper and abstract JDBC (java database connectivity) code with a simple SQL mapping. It benefits in making initial set ups quick and easy. Our effort with our intense knowledge in the technology advantages our clients in their requests for SQL mapping to generate the required Java classes.

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