Microsoft technologies provide desirable solutions for a range of business channels and serve as an insightful business tool for both the web and desktop operations. Our Microsoft specialists help clients to drive excellence using its associated technologies including -


It is an open source framework to build advanced web services and applications. We use the technology to create our clients HTML, CSS and JavaScript based web sites, as well as help them scale their web sites to millions of users adding more capabilities like web APIs, real time communications, and forms over data.


C# is a type safe object oriented language that helps build robust and secure applications that run on the framework of .Net. Our technology experts in C# create our clients XML web services, client-server applications, distributed components, database applications, Windows clients applications, and more. As well as, we provide clients advanced code editor, convenient user interface, integrated debugger, and other useful tools using the technology of C#.Net.


The technology is object oriented and combines the power of .Net Framework. Its key benefits include common language run time, multi paradigm, and others. Our VB developers create clients the client-server applications and other useful web components.

MVC (model view controller)

The technology comes to use in object oriented programming. Basically it is a design pattern, or say a methodology to relate efficiently the user interface with underlying data models. The MVC professionals here use MVC pattern in the development based on SmallTalk, Java, C++ and C. Benefiting from reuse of the MVC pattern in object code, our developers also reduce the usual time taken in creating applications.


WCF is a framework to create service oriented applications. It helps a program to expose endpoints for establishing communication with the client or service applications. Our WCF professionals help clients send data in form of asynchronous messages, let the message be a single character, or a word sent in form of XML, or a stream of binary data. WCF, as a whole, offers web and clients services.

While WPF is a system to create windows client applications for an enhanced visual experience. In this, the WPF experts here help clients create both the browser hosted and standalone applications. Here the benefiting factors of WPF being resolution independent and vector based handling over engine come to the most use for our developers to take the advantages from advanced graphic hardware.

Entity Framework

It is an object relational mapping (ORM) framework that helps developers work the relational data like domain specific objects by eliminating the need for data to access the plumbing code that developers usually write. Our professionals of entity framework use the technology to issue queries by LINQ then retrieve and manipulate the data, thus they implement ORM of framework to provide clients services like identity resolution, lazy loading, query translation, and change tracking. By following the above practice, our developers can set their focus on application specific business logic than the fundamentals regarding data access.

Dot Net Nuke

DNN is an open source web content management platform, or CMS. The platform is used in building professionalized commercial websites, community portals, partner extranets, social intranets, and more. Our DNN specialists here deploy the DNN specifications to contain all types of dynamic content. DNN is hugely popular and downloaded by almost 1 million times.

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