Server Side Scripting

The technique is for use in web development. It also helps in employing web-server scripts, to generate a customized response per clients request to the websites, means to run the user requests on the originating server. With our intense specialization in server side scripting, we hand our clients the interface to be used to access, to a limit, the proprietary data and hold on control over source script code. Its other components too come under our expertise including -

Node JS

The framework is based on JavaScript and runs on JavaScript V8 engine by Google. Using the framework, the developers can create input-output intensive apps, say single page applications and video streaming sites, with others. Being open source, it comes free to use and is liked hugely by the developers across the world. We, having a good experience in the Node JS, write our clients the server side code to create lightweight and scalable network applications, as per their requirements they request to us.

Backbone JS

This JavaScript based framework has an interface named RESTful JSON and follows the application design of the one of MVP (model view presenter) paradigm. The lightweight JavaScript library helps the developers to create and form the structure of client side applications to run in web browser. Our distinct knowledge of Backbone JS enables us serve our clients with their requests regarding MCV framework, abstracting data into models, DOM into views, and binding these two with the use of events.

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