Software Maintenance & Support

IT companies take the maintenance of software very seriously. A study shows that they spend around 70% of their budget on corrective activities. The maintenance and support requirements are bigger for larger organizations due to their legacy systems and applications from various mergers. IT section in larger companies are overloaded with routine maintenance work and get less time to develop new systems. We, at YB, understand well the maintenance requirements and work as a strong support for your maintenance needs, so you can concentrate better on core functions of your business.

Our experience and expertize enable us to serve your continual maintenance and real time support requirements for all your software. Our mainstream services include

  • Adaptive maintenance & support – We do the needed modifications and revisions to the software as per the ever changing business needs. ?
  • User Experience Design and PrototypingConnective maintenance & support – We do the error fix of any kind, be it logical, design, or coding errors, as well as we look into the bug in software algorithm.
  • Architecture and DesignPerfective maintenance &support – We do the software rectification, modification, editing, additions, enhancement and deletion.
  • Development and TestingPreventive maintenance & support – We enhance the software based on feedbacks and past incidents to prepare it for future requirements.

We align technology to business outcomes and develop software products to help businesses drive their revenue. We do so by recognizing the best manners to maximize the user experience and monetize the user data. Our well trained and experienced team knows well to validate your idea, build a software product, or optimize your existing product. We develop software products with impact. We combine business, customer, and technology perspective to make strategies for customer engagement and retention. We analyze the market, consider the competition and define new road maps to cast out the conventional way of doing. We can help you with your idea to meet your business goals.

As well as, we offer specialized services like

  • Upgrades for software version and functionality
  • Migration for database and language
  • Support for post release, operation and helpdesk
  • Maintenance for website, packaged software and custom application
  • Application and performance enhancement

including other support services for software re-engineering, porting, request based software services, defect resolution, configuration management, change request handling and status reports.

We follow a scalable and well defined maintenance methodology for lesser maintenance requirements later. We advocate our clients the following to minimize system errors -

  • Rigorous processes and documentation at development stage
  • Transparent methodologies for development
  • Knowledge sharing and repositories on enterprise applications
  • Streamline preventive maintenance efforts

Our offered support services ensure minimal software downtime and allow efficient project management. Feel free to choose from our palette of services as per your support requirements, as well as for pricing and project delivery options and be assured of optimized performance.

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